Sunday, March 21, 2010

My New Workout Challenge

I have this idea for a workout challenge for myself. I came up with the idea after I was watching an infomercial for a new exercise program that I saw on TV that I wanted. I knew that I really couldn't afford it right now, plus I'd rather wait until it's available in stores before I decided to try it out.
Anyways, I thought to myself, "Why waste money on another workout program that'll probably get used maybe once or twice, then get stuck on my shelf to collect dust, especially when I have all these other workout DVDs just sitting around. Plus, I'm always complaining that I get too easily bored with my workout routine." Then, that is when I had this idea.
The specific goal was to make a list of every DVD workout that I own with the total number of minutes per workout. Then, once I figured up how many individual DVD workouts I had, I would assign a specific workout to a certain day. The ending goal is to go through all my workout DVDs within a specific time frame without using the same DVD twice.
I have 2 reasons why I think this will be a fun and interesting challenge:

1) I get to change up my exercise routine each day, so that I will not get bored & want to quit. I kind of have this tendency to find specific DVDs that I really like and then I use those over and over again until I get bored with them.
2) It gives me a chance to go through my entire collection while taking inventory of ones that I really like and once that I could do without.

I thought about this idea over a week ago, so today I finally sat down to make my list. Well, after counting up all the DVDs that I have - including sets & individual DVDs - I found I that I have 45 in total with approx 77 variable workout routines.

Here's a couple pictures that I took of them all below.


Now some of these DVDs have multiple workouts on them and are broken into sections. For example, one of the videos that I have is called, 10 Minute Solutions: Fat Blasting Dance party. The total video time is 54 minutes long. But, there are actually 5 - 10 minute workout routines on the DVD. So, lets say that my goal is to exercise for 5 days/week, and on those days I do either one whole DVD or one specific routine per day, Since this particular DVD is broken into 5, 10 minute workouts and each one is a different routine, I could easily do this DVD for one week, and not do the same routine/exercise twice. Which is my goal. So, that by the time I've finished, I will have gone through my entire collection.

I'm planning on starting this goal hopefully tomorrow. I haven't decided which one I will begin with, but I'm planning on printing a calendar off my computer to keep track of the specific workouts that I do. I also want to make this as flexible as possible because I know that schedules change and things happen. I will also be planning on checking in here at least once a week, probably at the end, to give you an update and let you know how things are going.

So, wish me luck & feel free to leave some comments and let me know what you think. :)

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  1. Good for you! I can't stand to exercise and I don't stick to anything too long...but you'll do great :D